Black Friday One Year Anniversary

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It’s been one year since the online gambling industry was rocked by the US Department of Justice’s indictment of the largest online poker sites. The impact of those indictments was felt far beyond the gambling companies directly involved and it has changed the was that many view the gambling industry. We take a look back at the winners and losers of the past year, how online gambling has changed and what you can expect in the coming months and years.

The Losers

There’s little doubt that the biggest ‘losers’ have been the players themselves (the ones that the US Government is trying to protect?). This goes beyond the obvious players who still have money tied up in the Full Tilt fiasco that continues to this day. But also impacts the online casinos, sportsbook and poker room options that they have to choose from; not to mention the hassles that US players now have trying to make deposits and withdrawal their money. There’s little surprise that online poker has been hit the hardest, but what may be surprising to some is that (who track online poker activity) have reported that a staggering 90% of players knocked offline by Black Friday remain offline today. Hopefully the issues with Full Tilt get resolved and their sale is finally completed so that players can get their funds back; only time will tell whether they hit the tables again or stay on the rail.

The Winners

It’s hard to imagine that anyone in online gambling has won in the past year of turmoil, but such a dramatic change usually creates opportunity for others. The first winner, and we hate to say this as much as many hate to read it, are the fine folks at the US DOJ. They’ve been trying to change online gambling and push companies which they view as “illegal” out of the market. Well it’s hard to deny that they’ve done a decent job in the past year – especially with online poker.

Even though the US DOJ appears to be winning the war on online poker, there are some other companies that are no doubt striking it rich. After Black Friday many companies voluntarily left the US market or completely closed their doors. This left those standing to reap a greater share of the existing market. Many believe that if you can process payments to US gamblers, you have a license to print money. It’s hard to argue that logic these days.

What’s Changed

After the initial shock wore off, things have somewhat settled down in an industry that has come accustomed to change. The biggest change for players is that they have come to expect having to jump through even more hurdles when transfering money. The US DOJ has made it no secret that they are targetting the financial institutions so moving money is difficult. That along with the limited options for US players has decreased the entertainment value in many cases. Many of the better casino groups decided that the risk was too high and left the market. What has become obvious is that players need to be very careful when selecting an online casino and make sure that they read casino reviews from other players to ensure that they are picking the best online casino to play.

The Year Ahead

Many in online gambling industry have been saying that this is the year for regulation in the US, especially with poker. So far we’ve seen more discussion at the state level, however no real movement on that front. Even if there is some good news, it will be at the state level and very far off from others to follow. It appears that there is a real apprehension amongst politicians to be the first to regulate online gambling. Our view is that regulation on any level is at least 2-3 years off for online poker. Online casino regulation is closer to 5-7 years and sportsbook regulation we may never see. That doesn’t mean that online casinos won’t continue to accept US players, but they will operate in a grey area and depositing and withdrawing funds will continue to be a challenge for those American bettors.

Usually anniversaries are something to celebrate, this one not so much. However it does remind us the volatile nature of the online gambling industry and that players need to be vigilant to protect themselves and ensure that they are playing at the best online casinos.

Bodog Founder Calvin Ayre Indicted; seized

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A federal grand jury in Baltimore Maryland unsealed an indictment today against online gambling company Bodog’s founder, Calvin Ayre and 3 other Canadian citizens. The indictment alleges conducting an illegal sports gambling business and conspiring to commit money laundering. Federal authorities have also seized the domain which displays a US DOJ and Homeland Security seal stating that the site has been shut down.

The indictment was lead by U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein who was also responsible for the Blue Monday indictments against and In his statement today about the Calvin Ayre indictment Rosenstein said “Sports betting is illegal in Maryland, and federal law prohibits bookmakers from flouting that law simply because they are located outside the country…Many of the harms that underlie gambling prohibitions are exacerbated when the enterprises operate over the internet without regulation.”

The affidavit goes on to say “Today’s indictment of Bodog Entertainment Group S.A. and its founder and operators sends a strong deterrent message to those that facilitate illegal online sports betting operations and commit crimes against our nation’s financial system,” said William Winter, Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Homeland Security Investigations in Baltimore. “The proceeds from illegal Internet gambling are sometimes used to fuel organized crime and support criminal activity. ICE HSI, together with our law enforcement partners, will disrupt and dismantle organizations that commit these crimes, regardless of their location, whether here in the United States or abroad.”

Building the Bodog Case

According to the Bodog indictment information was gathered about the companies operations over the course of a few year period. This included an undercover agent opening a account from Maryland, placing bets on and then withdrawing funds via an eWallet and Western Union. However it appears that the majority of the information came from an ex-bodog employee (known as CI-1) who spilled the beans about the operation, top level executives and how funds were transferred. Providing a high level of detail about the Bodog operations no doubt added greatly in the investigation; this ex-employee has not been named.

Impact on Bodog Players

The initial impact on players who gamble with a Bodog branded company will be minimal as the domain has not been a gambling destination for months. After the US DOJ indicted PokerStars and Full Tilt on April 15th, 2011 (now known as Black Friday) shutting down those domains, Bodog made the switch to a .eu domain for their US players. The logic was that .eu domain could not be touched by the US government, which has proven to hold true in this indictment. Then in December 2011 Bodog closed their doors to US customers and opened up under a new name, Bovada (combination of ‘Bo’dog & Ne’vada’) which they continue to operate under.

Longer term it remains to be seen what shutting down the domain will have on the Bodog group of companies. Although Calvin Ayre alleges that he has not done business in the USA since signing a deal with the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group in 2006 which essentially licensed out the domain name, there could still be some potential fallout. For US players who gamble with there are many questions. Bodog spokesperson ‘Bodog Becky’ has publicly stated that the move to Bovada was only a name change from which would have eased customers concerns on the switch over but leaves a direct tie between the companies. One wonders whether the feds are investigating Bovada or more importantly for players whether payment processors want to work with the group now in light of the indictment and domain shutdown.

For the international Bodog brands (,, the question will be more about guilt by association. Will the Canadian Footbal League (CFL) want to continue taking advertising from an indicted company; will the soccer club Ayre United want Bodog as their team sponsor? Will international players fear that their funds could get trapped in a legal mess (much like Full Tilt players) and lose their balances.

There’s many questions to be answered and we will continue to monitor the story, for US players looking for another place to gamble we recommend the following:

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2012 Online Casino Predictions

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The online gambling industry went through an incredible amount of change during 2011, predominantly due to the actions of the US DOJ. And for the most part it was a challenging year for players and online casino alike. In many cases such challenging times bring big opportunity for those willing to take it. We look into our crystal ball and see 2012 as the year of opportunity and it’s appearing to be an exciting year ahead.

Mobile Casinos

We think this is finally the year. The combination of the widespread use of smart phones, consolidation of operating systems (which makes it easier for online casinos to develop their products for mass markets), faster networks and better data usage rates has finally come together. People are spending more time on their mobile devices and the online casinos are looking to cash in. Some casino software companies have already released their products and they look sharp (especially on tablet devices). Expect to see more games and better products released during 2012!

Regulations in US

The clarification by the US DOJ on the 1961 Wire Act has opened the doors; which should come in the form of state by state regulation. We should see states such as Iowa, Nevada and New Jersey first out of the gate, with others like California soon to follow. The fragmented approach will most likely mean different rules for each state and could results in some challenges as they each get off the ground. But on a whole, the online casinos that you’re playing today could be vastly different than what you’ll see at the end of 2012.

Casino Joint Ventures

The big online casinos and gambling companies in Europe have been dying to enter the US market since they left after the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) in 2006. When regulation happens, many expect that existing casinos or tribal groups will be first in line for licenses; however they lack online experience. The European online casinos, have that necessary experience and it seems like a match made in heaven. Expect to see some of the most respected European gambling companies accepting US players in some fashion soon.

Reliance on Casino Reviews

There’s a huge reliance on peer reviews when it comes to travel, electronics and a whole host of other online purchasing decisions. Online casino players on the other hand rely mostly on opinions from webmasters who can be influenced by commercial agreements. Most online casino searches result in review pages and top 10 lists that are old, outdated and lack real experiences. We think that’s going to change, and here’s why: In 2011 Google made dramatic changes to the way they rank websites with more of an emphasis on quality content, social signals and a whole host of other factors that reward websites that offer value to their users. Real casino reviews fit perfectly into that category and expect to see more of them ranking higher when you’re looking for information about which online casino to choose.

More US Online Casinos

The events of Black Friday shook the online gambling community to the core, resulting in many online casinos to question their stance in accepting US players. We saw many big groups close their casino operations and leave. This has left a big void in terms of options for casino players and now that some time has passed there are groups looking to get in. Some would say the risk is high, but the reward is massive at a time like this as well with casino players looking for other options. New online casinos always have a question about their reliability so make sure to check what others are saying with our peer written casino reviews.

There you have it, our predictions for 2012. It’s always fun writing predictions and seeing how they stack up against what really happens; especially in such a unique and ever evolving industry like online casinos. Do you have any predictions for 2012? Share them today in our comments below.

Super Bowl Casino Promotions

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The Super Bowl is the most bet on event in the US every single year and even online casinos are looking to cash in on the excitement. It’s not just the hardcore gamblers who bet, but even those who rarely place wagers get into the action. If you enjoy playing at an online casino why not take advantage of the promotions that are out there. Just make sure you spare some time to watch the commercials as they can be more entertaining than the game itself. Here are some of the promotions that we’ve found online already.

Intertops’ $70,000 Super Bowl Road Trip

The good people at Intertops have gotten creative this year and are giving away $70,000 in their casino during the month of February. The promotion stacks up in that players earn points as they play in the casino. Depends on how many points you earn you move up the scoreboard which has 6 different levels (categorized by the last 6 stadiums the Super Bowl has been played). From each of the different levels, 3 players are awarded prizes up to $1000! On top of that Intertops is offering random weekly draws on Monday’s and Thursdays for players who have been active in the casino. What are you waiting for, start playing at Intertops now!

Plus if you’re looking to put some money on the Patriots or Giants, the Intertops Sportsbook has all your sports betting needs including great prop bets and an easy to use interface so that you have more time with your friends when wagering on the big game.

Club World Casino High Roller Special

From today until the big game, Club World Casino is rewarding all depositors with up to $500! All you have to do is deposit $150 and you will recieve an additional $500 to play on Slots, Keno or Scratch Cards. That’s a whopping 300%+ bonus for just making a deposit. All you need to do is open an account today and use bonus code WOLRD500.

WinPalace BlackJack Bonus

If you’re like most sports phanatics, then you enjoy a few good hands of blackjack. Blackjack is the most popular casino game amongst people who classify themselves as sports bettors. Win Palace casino is offering those interested in blackjack an impressive 100% up to $500 on their first deposit. Open an account today and use bonus code WINBJ in the Redeem Coupon section of the Cashier tool bar.

There you have it. Some great options for casino promotions that you can cash in on during the Super Bowl. Remember online casinos like to take advantage of bigger events so it’s a great time for casino players to keep their eyes open for exciting promotions.

2011 Gambling Industry Year in Review

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For players and online casinos, 2011 was quite the year and won’t soon be forgotten. The year’s events were predominantly driven by the US DOJ actions and the way in which online gambling companies reacted. Online gambling today is dramatically different than it was one year ago.

Black Friday

This was probably one of the single biggest events to shock the online gambling world. On April 15th, 2011 the DOJ caught everyone off guard when they unsealed indictments against Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, the Cereus Network along with individuals from payment processors. The years prior it appeared that the DOJ was softening its approach and letting the online gambling world operate as is. But it’s now apparent that we were just seeing the calm before the storm.

Poker Stars managed to professionally close their US business, pay back players and continue to operate in other countries as the largest online poker site in the world. Full Tilt Poker completely fell apart and is now closed to players with no one receiving their money back.

Black Friday Fallout

Aside from the effect that it had on the indicted companies, the ripple effect was probably greater with some online casinos shutting down while others left the US market completely. Black Friday made owners and executives operating in the US market realize that they weren’t as safe as they once thought. Payment processors realized that the DOJ was serious about the UIGEA laws and targeting the flow of money. This made it incredibly difficult for online casinos to move money to players as the processors got more cautious. Challenges depositing and withdrawal money were intensified.

Companies such as the English Harbour group of online casinos and Best Casino Partners left the market, others like, took a timeout and stopped marketing, while Bodog decided a rebrand was in order. Regardless of their approach, the big players in online gambling are dramatically different than they were one year ago.

DOJ & The Wire Act

In what appeared to be a Christmas present to online casinos and poker rooms, the US DOJ clarified their interpretation of the 1961 Wire Act stating that they believe only it only applies to sports betting. Without getting into the legalese about the whole situation, basically in the United States gambling is regulated at a state level, with the one exception being the Wire Act. Individual states believed they couldn’t legalize online casinos (and poker) without violating the Wire Act, which was slowing regulation in the USA.

Now that the DOJ has clarified their stance, experts now believe that we will start to see regulation on a state by state level. The actual outcome is hard to predict and with it being a state decision we could see a variety of results and its hard to say whether it will be better or worse for the online gambler – but expect to see more changes in 2012.

Massive Casino Jackpot Win

There was some positive news in 2011, at least for one player. A Norweigan student became the largest ever winner of an online jackpot as he hit a massive Mega Fortune Jackpot win taking home a whopping €11.7 Million. There’s been no word on whether he’s finishing college or what kind of celebration he had, but we’re sure 2011 is a year that he’ll remember forever.

As the online gambling world evolves and regulations continue to change in different markets it will be interesting to see the effect it has on players. Hopefully government organizations are able to get it right and don’t suffocate the industry with too many regulations and taxes. 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year, let’s just hope that there’s more positive stories like the massive online jackpot win, and fewer about indictments and online casinos shutting down.

Best Online Casinos for US Players

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Any US citizen who has been playing online casinos for the past 5 years has seen an industry transform before their eyes. Unfortunately it hasn’t been for the better, and considering its now 2012 it’s hard to believe the restrictions faced by American’s when it comes to gambling online. It’s no secret that the US is an unregulated market, but many players don’t realize the trickle down effect when it comes to finding the best online casino to play.

Limited US Online Casinos

Since the US passed the UIGEA over 5 years ago the option of online casinos for US players has become limited. Many of the most well established and best online casinos no longer accepted US players due to the legal uncertainty that they would face. This opened the door for many smaller groups who saw US casino players as a great opportunity, but many of their smaller casinos didn’t have the experience or technical knowledge gained by the big names who have been in the industry for decades. It’s no wonder there’s been little in the way of technical innovation with online casinos for US playrs.

After a few years of what appeared to be the US relaxing its stance on online casinos, Black Friday in April 2011 caused those online casinos who were getting comfortable accepting US players to rethink their stance. On the scale of Risk vs Reward, operating an online casino for US players became much more risky. We saw groups such as English Harbour close their doors for good. This further reduced the option of good online casinos for US players and they need to be ever more diligent when selecting where to play as they don’t have big names such as or Party Casino to choose from.

Read US Casino Reviews

What better way to find the best casino for US players, then reading quality user reviews. Many people check sites like Travelocity or Expedia before booking a vacation destination, so why not see what others say about your online casino. We’ve received great comments, feedback and reviews from players about their playing experience at difference online casinos for US players. The top rated online casinos for US players so far have been:

Club World Casino: Rated 8.9 out of 10. Accept US players. One player’s testimonial states: “Really friendly and knowledgeable staff that understands what I’m talking about and treat me well.”

Lucky Red Casino: Rated 8.9 out of 10. Accept US players. One player speaks highly of their current 400% up to $4000 welcome bonus saying “Wow what an incredible welcome bonus offering!”

Deposit Options for US Casino Players

With the UIGEA targeting banks and the processors responsible for processing payments for US casino players, it became much more challenging to move your funds. Before 2006 many online casinos offered unlimited withdrawals with no fees, now most places offer one free withdrawal per month (if you’re lucky) and have what seem to be highway robbery with their fees. Many players would find it hard to believe that it costs an online casino roughly $40 to send a paper check to a US resident. Or that they pay 7% or 8% on credit card deposits (stand merchants pay roughly 4%) which eats into their margins pretty quick.

Practically all casinos that accept US players have had issues slow paying customers at one time another. We don’t want to make excuses for these online casinos, but in many cases they are at the mercy of their payment providers which can get shut down at any time. If you pick the best online casinos, the likelihood of getting stiffed is greatly reduced.

For US players looking to find the best online casino, it’s not easy. Once you realize that there are some limitations and challenges that online casinos have when dealing with US players as a customer you’ll better understand some of their policies and procedure. We don’t think that you should accept unreasonable or rogue casinos, but that’s why it’s important to do your research!

Bodog Closes to US, Bovada Opens

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As of today, Bodog has closed it’s doors to US players. Players from the US are now directed to where they can use their old log in information and find their existing balance. As we reported back in July the story goes like this (complete story here): BodogBrand which owns the licensing rights to Bodog decided to not renew it’s deal with MMGG (Morris Mohawk Gaming Group) who ran Bodog for the United States. This deal was set to expire on December 31st of this year and MMGG was to launch a new brand which we now know to be

What’s with

At first the name may seem strange, but so too did “Google” when it came out. Any brand name will take time to get used to and they always have their detractors. It’s not easy to create a new word and that’s what they’ve tried to do here. It is said that Bovada is a combination of “Bo” from Bodog and “vada” from Nevada, with the .lv trying to make people think of Las Vegas. For those that don’t know, .lv is actually the domain extension of Latvia. The majority of gambling companies that accept US players do not use .com extensions due to the control that the US goverment can have over the domain (and shut it down). This is the first .lv extension that we’ve seen.

I Had a Bodog Account, What now?

According to Bovada, players that had an account with Bodog need only to log into Bovada with the same information. Many players on industry forums have confirmed this to be true and that their account balance is what they expected. Although the site is different, you can see parts of it’s ‘bodog history’ with the red on black and style/images. If you’re a poker player, you will be required to download the Bovada software, but it is on the Bodog poker network, which means that nothing really has changed there. The online casino and sportsbook appear to be the same at first glance.

How’s the transition going

There have been reports by players in industry forums and on message boards that they’ve experienced problems installing the poker software, the site has crashed or they couldn’t view their balance history. This has been compounded by the fact that Customer Service seems to be swamped with players having troubles getting through. It’s hard to judge within the first day, but it looks as though there are some growing pains with

Did Bodog really shutdown to US Players?

Yes, AND No. As a US player you cannot access anymore, that’s a fact. However the true split between Bodog and MMGG has been questioned by many. Sources close to the situation has always stated that MMGG is merely a shell company and actually controlled by Calvin Ayre (Bodog founder) and his executive staff. Although this move is done to appease their UK license conditions, it’s hard to believe that Bodog could walk away from what’s arguably the largest portion of thier business by a long shot. Whatever the situation is, Bodog is trying hard to show a true separation between Bodog and

What matters in the end to players is whether or not your funds are safe and you have a positive gambling experience. We look forward to hearing your Bovada Casino reviews and comments on how they stacks up!

Alternate Gambling Options

We have received many questions about safe online casino alternatives to play for US players who have reservations about We have a couple recommendations:

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What’s the Deal with Bodog Closing to US Players?

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It was reported in late July that the Bodog brand would no longer be accepting US players as of December 31st, 2011. Since then, Bodog has made efforts to clarify to their customers what this will exactly mean and how they will be (or won’t be) effected. Every single public statement that has been made by Bodog about shutting down has echoed the same sentiment; it’s just a name change. But for arguably one of the largest online gambling brands in the US to walk away from years and millions spent on branding there must be a reason. We’ll look at some questions that have come from such a decision and how we think players will be impacted.

First, we think it’s worth clarifying how bodog shutting down is being positioned. Many years ago (2006) the founder of Bodog, Calvin Ayre created a unique licensing agreement between BodogBrand and Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG). Essentially MMGG licensed the rights to market the Bodog brand to US customers, a transition that was seamless to players as it occurred over many months. Bodog then went on to license their brand in Asia, Europe and Canada along with creating non gambling entities such as Bodog coffee. Fast forward to 2011 and BodogBrand has decided to end the licensing agreement with MMGG and leave the US market. However with MMGG having the infrastructure and know-how of running a gambling operation they will continue to operate under a new name and provide existing customers with the same services (or so MMGG says).

The Timing

Post Black Friday we saw many operators leave the US market, some blamed processing issues while others claim the risk was too high. Whatever the reason, most of those decisions were made within the months immediately following Black Friday. Bodog’s decision to leave the US market will take effect over 8 months after the indictments of Pokerstars et al. Bodog is also leaving their largest market that is no doubt still incredibly profitable for them and an area where the player base knows the brand after years of expensive marketing efforts. So the question has to be asked – why leave? The most probable reason being that Bodog received a UK license, in fact they were the first to do so. With the UK being such a highly regulated and licensed region one can speculate that any brand that they license cannot have any ties with the US market. With uncertainty of where the US market is headed (especially for operators, we believe players will always have an option) it’s possible that Calvin and Co. have decided that the long term future of the company is outside of the US.

Can Bodog Succeeded Outside of US

This is the million dollar question. There’s no doubting their success over the past years within the United States, however transporting the brand into a well-established market like the UK has its challenges. Companies such as William Hill and Labrokes have a century head start with branding and there’s question as to whether punters will relate to the “Bodog lifestyle” of branding – no one has made it work so far. Calvin has said that Asia is where the real future may lie and all the Premiere League sponsorships are really for the Asia market. The Asian market is much of a black box that very few know what goes on there – China blocks many gambling sites and payment processing has its own level of challenges. Bodog may say they are successful in Asia, but that could just be marketing spinning the truth as Calvin has never been one to say that his companies are failing at something. There is no doubt that the next 12 months are going to be big for the Bodog brand worldwide as we see whether their success in the US can be repeated elsewhere.

US Player Transition

If you’re a US player and as of December 31st your account is going to be transferred over to some unnamed brand you surely have some questions. The biggest being, will it be smooth? For anyone involved in software development they will probably tell you, you don’t know until it happens. Bodog was successful many years back after losing the domain and switching over to and then with relative ease that this should go smoothly. Others will mention Bodog continual struggles with launching Poker updates without major glitches as a reason to be concerned. In the end, it may come down to how much the system must be separated in the back end. If MMGG needs to have a separate backend system from the rest of Bodog and currently don’t have such a system, this could get complicated. There may be some glitches and curing your New Years hanging with some online blackjack may be a challenge, but we think they’ll get this figured out.

What’s in a Name?

Calvin has boasted over the cleaver name of Bodog – it’s definitely unique but also fit other criteria such as being memorable and 5 letters or less. Will Calvin give the folks at MMGG some lessons on choosing a brand name (let’s hope it’s not – we checked, that one’s still available)? Will it be generic in nature that uses gambling, sports, casino in the name or something completely unique that will take millions to brand. There’s also the question as to whether the new brand will take on the old “lifestyle” attitude that Bodog was so well known for.

US Players Future

There are many questions that remain to be answered, but we’ll know soon enough as Dec 31st is fast approaching. For players this may be a great opportunity as brand launches usually result in great promotions and deals – something to keep an eye out for. For those less sure of what the future holds, the new brand will be added to our casino review list and we look forward to hearing what players experience firsthand. We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available.

7 Tips to Identify Great Casino Reviews

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The online casino business is worth billions of dollars each year and it’s not just the casinos making money. There are software companies, PR firms, social media experts as well as online marketers. In the online casino industry affiliate marketing is big business, and it can have a big impact on you, the player. Many casino players make their decision as to which online casino to play, based on a review they discover online through a quick Google search.

Most would be surprised to know that in many cases those reviews are written by the casino themselves, providing content for the website. We aren’t saying that all casino reviews are bad, some are actually quite good. But you need to be aware of what to keep an eye out for and with some quick tips you can easily spot the good and bad casino review sites.

1) Balanced Review: Nobody is perfect and neither are any online casino. If you find a casino review site that makes their top casino sound perfect, then they probably aren’t telling the complete picture. Typically the review site will give 10/10 in every category. Stay away from these casino review sites.

2) Important Details Provided: As a casino player you trust your personal information, as well as hard earned cash with an online casino. If you find reviews that seem to be a feel good story with “fluffy” reviews instead of actual details about the casino, that’s a red flag. A good casino review will provide important details and actual information about game play.

3) Unbiased: This can be hard to spot, but it’s an important one. One way to spot biased casino review sites is to see whether they rank poor casinos highly. Good review sites may include multiple opinions about the casino as not everyone will agree on all points. If you were to buy a car, would you ask just one friend?

4) Up to Date Website: It’s hard to believe, but there are casino review sites that highly rank online casinos which are out of business as they haven’t been updated in years. With the ever changing online gambling space, it’s important to find casino reviews that are up to date as companies change, casinos add new games and ability to process payments can vary greatly over time.

5) Avoid Strong Sales Pitch: If the review site has big flashy bonuses and annoying popups that tell you to “join now”, it’s apparent that they are more concerned about you opening an account than actually reading the casino review. There’s nothing wrong with directing players to a casino, or providing bonus information, but when it’s over the top we recommend that you look for another review site.

6) Indepth Review: There is a lot to know about an online casino. Review sites that provide only the bonus information and a link to signup without any background information, they don’t have the players best interest in mind. A good casino review site will look at customer service, bonuses, game variety, payouts etc providing information on how the online casino performs in each category.

7) Real Reviews: There’s nothing better! How do you book a hotel or buy a tech gadget – by seeing what other consumers had to say. Casino reviews that are accounts of real players’ experiences can’t be beat. It provides the user with an unparalleled level of knowledge about what they can expect and the quality of the operation.

There you have it. You should now be an expert on reviewing the casino review sites. Remember that it’s your money and you need to find a site that you’re comfortable with and can trust before taking their recommendation. Real-Casino-Reviews was built just for exactly that, a website that players can trust and know that they can find valuable and real information about which online casinos to play.

No Deposit Bonuses Explained

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We’ve all heard the saying “when something appears to good to be true, it probably is”. Those can be words to live by in many instances, but is it the case for casino no deposit bonuses? At first glance one would wonder why an online casino is giving away free money. Can they be trusted and what’s the catch are just a couple questions that you might ask. The no deposit bonus has risen in popularity as online casinos aggressively fight for the attention of new players, so wanted to clear the air about the pros (yes there are some) and cons to such a bonus.

How do No Deposit Bonuses Work

The premise behind a no deposit bonus is simple. Provide casino players with free money in hopes that they make further deposits. With the best online casinos, using a no deposit bonus should be pretty simple and straight forward. Usually you require some sort of bonus code that you redeem after opening an account (make sure to provide correct information, not a bogus name or address if you plan on ever withdrawing). Once the account is created and you redeem your code, your account is credited with cold hard cash to play with in the online casino. The standard No Deposit Bonus ranges from $5 to $25, just enough to test the casino. With each bonus ensure you read the terms and conditions carefully as each no deposit offer may differ in how much you can win and whether you need to deposit to make a withdrawal.

What is the Casinos Motive

At the end of the day a casino only profits from players who make a deposit. If you have a bad experience with their no deposit bonus, it’s unlikely you will stay and there is no value for the casino. Many players have hesitations about playing at a new casino and providing their personal information. By offering free money, people are incentivized to open an account and are one step closer to becoming a customer. If you have a good experience or get caught up in the fact that you’re playing with real money, you may be more likely to deposit. With these types of offers, the casinos realize that it’s a numbers game as not all players who try the no deposit bonus will stick around.

What to watch out for?

Understanding what key points in the terms and conditions to look for is important with any casino, but even more so with the no deposit offers. Here what you should keep an eye out for:

  1. Rollover: All bonuses require players to play through a certain amount of funds before they are eligible for a withdrawal. For no deposit bonuses, this tends to be higher but varies between casinos.
  2. Game Restrictions: Typically the lower house edge games such as blackjack do not count towards rollover, or may only count for a percent of the actual action.
  3. Deposit to Withdrawal: The majority of no deposit bonuses require players to make a deposit before they are able to withdraw any of their winnings.
  4. Maximum Win: This is one of the most important lines to read – how much can you win. In general it will be between $100 and $500. That means that if you win a jackpot, you may not be eligible for the entire prize.
  5. Timelimit:Some casinos will offer a certain number of days, while others limit you to a few hours of play.

Are no deposit bonuses worth it?

Depends. There are definitely restrictions beyond your standard casino bonus, however we’ve found that they provide players with a great way to test a casino. Sure many casinos have “Play for Fun” tables, but there’s nothing quite like having real money on the line to fully experience the excitement and entertainment value.

Have you found a no deposit bonus that you like? Maybe they are more lenient on some terms, or you thought it helped introduce you to the online casino. Share your thoughts in the comments below or by writing an online casino review.