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  • All Slots Casino

    Email Lied All Slots casino Posted: 3rd October 2013, 12:37 PM by patyates417 I joined all slots after receiving a email with a offer of £33 no deposit bonus so i joined added my debit card and waited for the £33 i went on chat and got a very rude ... more

  • 32Red Casino

    This Casino is absoloutely fantastic! I hae recieved heaps of massive payouts and the customer service is amazing! Highly recommended! Thanks more

  • Lucky Nugget Online Casino

    Avoid this stupid casino at all cost! The jackpot games are all rigged, you wont win unless you spent 5 times that amount- even then theres no guarantee. The free games rarely come on the slots, i went through over 500 spins and still didnt get a free spin feature. ... more

  • Platinum Play Casino

    The casino is pathetic for payouts. There is no other words to describe it. Any casino affiliated with the fortune lounge group are just horrible. Take, take, take and give nothing! Games freezing up all the time. They steel your multipliers when there games freeze it a bunch of crap. ... more

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8.6 4 $250 Read Reviews
8.6 1 $500 Read Reviews
8.4 2 $2500 Accepts US Players Read Reviews Visit Casino

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Online Casino Reviews

Online Casinos are big money, but with literally thousands of casinos to choose from it can be a daunting task when deciding where to deposit your money. Not only are there thousands of online casinos, but a quick search in Google reveals there are many more online casino review site that provide information about where to play. The question is whether you can trust these casino review sites?

In many industries review sites are very popular and some have grown to become recognizable brands. Many people won’t go travelling without checking out Expedia or Travelocity to find what other travellers have to say about their destination and hotels. If you are looking to buy a camera, computer or other gadget you may spend some time at But what about online casinos?

Although there are many good casino review sites, you will notice that most of them consist of a list for the top online casinos that is created by the site owner. Many of the casino reviews are written by the site owner, and in some cases these reviews are sometimes provided by the online casino themselves with the top rated online casinos being based on advertising dollars. It could be argued that a site owner won’t promote an online casino that he doesn’t trust getting paid from himself, so there is a certain level of due diligence. This practice of online casinos buying their ranking isn’t isolated to the online casino industry and is very common across the internet. However, as a consumer you need to be aware of this bias before taking the casino review sites advice.

This is how Real-Casino-Reviews differ from all other online casino review websites. The casino reviews you see are unbiased and written by real casino players who want to share their experience. As Real-Casino-Reviews grows and accumulates more reviews it will become an even more valuable resource for casino players when choosing the best online casino to play.

Top Online Casinos

Choosing the best online casino may differ from player to player. One player may want the biggest bonus, while another is concerned about the customer service or variety of casino games. That’s why Real-Casino-Reviews allows players to write casino reviews based on 6 different criteria that we’ve outlined below. Each category is designed to give you a better picture of what the casino has to offer. When all the categories are tallied up and compared, we are left with the top online casino as indicated by real casino players, not advertising dollars. Here are the categories that you can review online casino on:

Customer Service:

Much like any industry, some companies have great customer service while others suck. The best online casinos will provide players with 24/7 support and usually offer phone numbers, email addresses and even live chat. If you have to wait more than a day for a response, you are probably not playing at a top online casino and it will show in the casino reviews that are written.


Size doesn’t necessarily matter. With casino bonuses there is more to it than the percent and maximum (although those are important) and as a casino player you should always read the fine print of a bonus. The reputable casinos will make these easy to find and easy out what matters, in particular the rollover requirement, which casino games are included in the rollover and ay restrictions in terms of maximum winnings allowed on the bonus. In some cases the advertised bonus amount isn’t necessarily based on your first bonus but rather multiple deposits. Read the casino reviews and see what others have to say about the bonuses.

Entertainment Value:

In some ways this encompasses many other aspects of the online casino. But the pure essence of it is whether you had fun. Were the graphics exceptional, did the sounds make it feel like a real casino, are you a VIP that is treated well? At the end of the day, casinos have a mathematical advantage in all games that they offer and over time the average player will lose. Playing an online casino should be fun and you should be getting a good entertainment value out of your hard earned money.

Casino Game Variety:

Depending on the type of casino games that you play this may or may not matter to you. Practically all casinos will offer the standard casino games like blackjack, craps, roulette, along with a variety of video poker games and slot machines. The casinos that have upwards of 400 or 500 casino games usually make up the bulk of them by offering a wide variety of slots with different themes and number of reels. So blackjack players may be happy as long as their game is there, while a slots player might want to try out the last Marvel slots or new 3D slots available. When writing the casino reviews you can chose the game that you played most which will particularly help players with this category.

Ease to Use:

With online casinos being such big business you’d expect that they’d spend some time and money on building an attractive and easy to use casino website, however this isn’t always the case. In particular the ability to easily redeem casino coupons, find a tournament schedule or see the latest casino game that’s available. The top online casinos understand that everything about their website should be intuitive and you will notice a difference between the worst and best online casinos.

Getting Paid:

On the surface this seems simple, the casino either pays your or it doesn’t. But in some jurisdictions processing payments may be more difficult. Players will also find that top online casinos will offer more convenient payment options. There are also some online casinos that require players to wait a certain number of days for the funds to clear before a withdrawal can be made – this is sometimes seen as a way to get players to spend instead of withdrawal. It should be noted that pretty much all casinos will require players to submit documentation, but a top online casino will make it an ease and simple process.

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